Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swedish Easter With The Vegan Swedes 2012

This easter was my sister in laws first Swedish easter. So we focused on the decorations and the cosy feeling. I am not sure how other countries do, if all of you decorate your homes in the same way as we swedes do. In Australia you don't so it was fun for me to show her some of out traditions. Enjoy!

We had påskris (easter branches picked and decorated), filled big paper eggs (all have one that get filled with their favourite candy), picked spring flowers and more.

Here are some photos of my home this easter.
This is our påskris. It is a mix of branches (normally birch tree) decorated and put in a vase with water to have the green leaves representing the green to come.

Our ceramic hen-bowl filled with candy.

The 3 paper easter eggs (15cm) that decorated out home over easter, also filled with great swedish sweets.
Left: The decorated kitchen table with påskris, easter eggs, a hen and a small egg cup filled with picked spring flowers (purple crocuses and yellow coltsfoot).
Right: Our bay window with a ceramic rooster I got from my mum.

I had some hot chocolate out of my Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking) mug from my childhood.


  1. I love Pippi : -)


    1. I know she is so good! But I do love all of the Astrid Lindgren characters :)

      //Emma @The Vegan Swedes