Friday, May 20, 2011

Fresh Strawberry & Banana Whip

Something sweet and creamy. Love the fresh fruit and creamy whip, flavoured with vanilla and tasty chocolate shaving.

You Will Need:
Fresh Strawberries, Ripe Bananas, Dairy Free Cream (Whipped), Vanilla Sugar and Your Favourite Chocolate (I use Chocolate with Mint Flavour)

  • Clean and cut your strawberries, also peel and slice your bananas.
  • Whip your cream and add vanilla sugar (to taste).
  • Serve in a small bowl and shave the chocolate on top.


  1. Looks gorgeous :-) I can;t take my eyes from your photos :-)

  2. Thank you Joanna! Hope you like the recipes if you try any of them, keep me posted.

    //Emma @The Vegan Swedes