Monday, March 7, 2011

Swedish Sandwich Cake aka SmörgåsTårta

This is my own vegan version of the swedish classic, smörgåstårta.  The sandwich cake dates back to before the 1940 and are a common thing to serve on occasions as birthdays, midsummers eve, anniversaries and other big holidays.

You will need:
1 pre-cut loaf of white square bread, Vegan Mayonaise, 2 Vegan Sour Cream (Tofutti Sour Supreme), Dairy Free Margarine, Vegan smoked Ham or Bacon, 250ml dairy free cooking cream (or Aplro Soya Natural Yoghurt), Tartex Vegetable Paté w/ Herbs, Cornichons (also know as gherkins), Salt, Pepper, Paprika Powder, 1 Apple and 2 inches of Leek.
For Decoration:
Lettuce leaves, Lemon, Radishes, Cucumber, Dill, Cherry Tomatoes and Vegan Seaweed Caviar.

Mix for first layer
Ham and apple layer
  • Peel and cut your apple into cubes. Add them into a mixing bowl.
  • Dice your vegan ham.
  • Clean and cut your leek into small pieces.
  • Add into the apple bowl and mix with 1 tub of your vegan sour cream,1-3tbs of vegan mayonaise, paprika powder, salt and pepper. 
  • Taste!

Mix for second layer
Herbed Paté and cornicons layer
  • Empty the tube of tartex vegetable paté into a bowl.
  • Cut your cornichons (or gherkins) in small chunks and add them in with the paté.
  • Add ½ tub of Vegan sour cream, 1-3tbs vegan mayonaise, salt, pepper and 100ml of dairy free cooking cream (or Aplro Soya Natural Yoghurt).
  • Taste!
  • Cut the crust of your square white bread and figure out what size you want and what tray you are using for your cake. I used 7 squares of bread laying 2x3½ slices.
  • Spread the dairy free margarine on your first layer of bread. (this stage is important as the margarine prevents the bread from going soggy and works as a glue keeping your cake together)
  • On top of your margarine covered bread, spread the first layer filling.
  • Layer another layer of crust-less bread over the first filling.
  • Also spread this layer with the dairy free margarine and then covering with the filling for layer two.
  • Now do your last layer of bread and margarine.

Mix for top cover layer
Margarine, mayo and sour cream cover.
  • Mix your remaining ½ tub of vegan sour cream, 4-6tbs vegan margarine, 100-150ml vegan cooking cream (or Aplro Soya Natural Yoghurt) and 1-3tbs vegan mayonaise.
  • Add salt and pepper.
  • Taste.

  • Now here starts the real fun part of the cake.
  • Spread your cake evenly with the top cover layer and start to decorate it.
  • I usually use the lettuce leaves as the border around the cake and then let your imagination have a little fun and create the cake that looks the most appealing to you. Using things like the vegan seaweed caviar, lemon, cherry tomatoes, dill, cucumber and more.

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  1. That's so crazy! I've never seen a sandwich cake before but the concept is very intriguing!

  2. It is addictive :) My fiance is australian and he had never heard of it before he came with me to Sweden, now he loves it and want it every birthday, easter and other holidays. The classic swedish versions are normally made with ham, cheese, prawns and other animal based produce. But trust me the VEGAN ones taste alot better! Let me know if you ever decide to try it out.

    /Emma @The Vegan Swedes

  3. Oh I'd believe the vegan version is superior! It sounds like the original is an Ode to Animal Products!

  4. Jag gillar smörgåstårtor!

  5. Ja Erik, det gör jag också :)

    //Emma @The Vegan Swedes

  6. Stunning! Perfect for a party :-).


  7. We do have something similar in Québec... I wonder if it shares some origins in the past. Ours are less decorated, usually though. :)

    This one ain't vegan, but it's from a reputed chef from our province. I will use your suggestions above to make a Québec vegan version. Tack! Jag kommer att undersöka din blogg med stor nyfikenhet. :)