Monday, March 28, 2011

Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Muffins

You Will Need: (for 9-15 muffins, depending on your muffin cup size)
5dl (2 1/4 cup) Plain Flour, 2½dl (1 cup) Sugar, 1tbs Baking Powder, 2tsp Vanilla Sugar, 1-2tbs Cocoa Powder (dark european style), 100g Margarine and 350ml Soy Milk (or 100ml Soy Cream + 250ml Soy Milk)

  • Melt the margarine and mix it with the soy milk (and soy cream if used).
  • Mix all dry ingredients (exept for the cocoa powder).
  • Then add your margarine and milk mix and whisk with a electric whisk to combine well.
  • Divide your batter into 2 bowls and add the cocoa powder into one of them. Mix and add more soy milk if needed (the chocolate batter should be the same thickness as the vanilla one)
  • Fill the muffin cups with 2/3 of batter, layering them for the marble effect.
  • Bake your muffins in a oven preheated to 200C / 390F for 12-18min. 
  • During the baking time check your muffins with a wooden tooth pick. When they are ready the tooth pick will be clean after poking the middle of your muffins.

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