Friday, April 8, 2011

The All Good Tasty Sandwich

This sandwich is a staple lunch for my fiancé, he loves it and eats it almost every day.

You will need:
4 Slices of Seeded Dark / Rye Bread, Vegan Mayonaise, Cucumber, 1 Carrot, Baby Spinach, Lettuce, 1 Tomato, Red Fresh Chilli, Salt and Pepper.

  • Spread a thin layer of mayonaise on all 4 bread slices.
  • Peel and finely grate your carrot. Slice your chilli into very thin slices, leaving the seeds if you want that extra heat.
  • Start putting your sandwich together by layering lettuce, slices of tomato, slices of cucumber, leaves of baby spinach. Topping it with the grated carrot and fine slices of the red chilli.
  • Slam it together and wham, your sandwich is ready.


  1. Oh man. Nothing beats fresh, crunchy veggies between hearty bread! I haven't made a sammich in a long while. And I have hummus and Vegennaise in my fridge. Hmmm.. :)

  2. Hummus is so good :) Yum yum for sandwiches!

  3. I added horseradish to mine and nice big basil leaves instead of spinach!! That was for breakfast!