Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vegan Vegetable Curry w/ "Chicken" Chunks

This curry is something I make when I miss the great flavours of the all vegan restaurant Tian Ran in Queensland, Australia. I know it isn't 100% the same, but it is good enough for me and a tasty dinner.

You will need:
3 handfuls of Soy Chunks (or other fake plain fake chicken of choice, I use rehydrated soy chunks), 2 Potatoes, 4 florets of Cauliflower, 4 florets of Broccoli, 1/4 Red Capsicum/ Sweet Bell Pepper, 1 handful of Green Beans, 2-3 Mushrooms, 1 Brown Onion, 1tbs Fresh Ginger, 1-2tbs Curry Powder, Salt, Pepper, Chili Flakes, 1-2tsp Tumeric, 1tsp whole Coriander Seeds, 1 Vegetable Stock Cube, 3-4tbs Oil and 1tin of Coconut Cream/Milk.

  • If you are using dried soy chucks, rehydrate them according to the packet. I boil mine in water spiced with vegetable stock, curry powder, chili flakes and pepper.
  • Prepare all your vegetables, potatoes, onion and mushroom. Peeling, cleaning and cutting into chunks.
  • In a hot pan add your oil and all the dry spices. When the spices and oil start to gently bubble, add the vegetables and chicken.
  • When the pan is dry, add your coconut cream/milk, ginger and vegetable stock cube. (add more water if needed, remember that some of the liquid will evaporate while cooking)
  • Taste and spice more if needed.
  • Leave to simmer until all the vegetables are just soft, but still firm. Taste again!
  • Serve with rice.

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