Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pite Palt

Made out of raw finely grated potatoes, salt and plain flour, this large swedish potato dumpling is the national dish of the northern swedish area of Piteå. The meat version is round and filled with salted pork belly, but as vegan is the way to go, these vegan flat versions are better for animals and humans alike. The silky smooth palt is served with a side of margarine and lingonberry jam.

You will need: (4portions)
1000g of Potatoes (use a floury potato variety as King Edward or Desiree), 3-4tsp Salt, around 5dl (2 cups) Plain White Flour.
For the boiling: Large pot, Large wooden Ladle, Water and 2tbs Salt
For serving: Dairy Free Margarine and Lingonberry Jam (can be substituted with a unsweetend or a cranberry jam low in sugar, it should be a jam suited for savoury food)

  • Peel and finely grate your potatoes (I use a mince grinder).
  • Add them and your salt to a large bowl. Mix it around and taste your potato mix. It should have a salty flavour (not to salty, but you should be able to taste some salt).
  • Start adding a little flour at a time and mixing as you go. This should not form a dough, more like a firm and silky batter just firm enough to shape with floury hands.
  • In your large pan, add your water and salt, bring to a boil. Let your wooden ladel sit in the boiling water to soak a few minutes before starting to shape your palt.
  • Now, lets start with the fun but messy work of getting the palt ready.
  • Shape your palt into round discs, the size of your palm and around 1- 1½ inch thick. Lay them gently on the wooden ladle and add to the boiling water (still with the palt sitting on the ladle)
  • When you have shaped a new one, flip your palt of the ladle and repeat for the next palt dumpling.
  • Once all your batter is used, leave to gently boil for around 1 hour.
  • Strain the water off your cooked palt and serve them with the sides of dairy free margarine and lingonberry jam.
A great way to eat the palt is by cutting a hole in the top and fill that with margarine to soften and slightly melt. Then have a palt and that cut into small pieces and dip them in the the lingonberry jam and margarine.


  1. Mmm palt! Min pojkvän har släkt från norrland så han har introducerat denna maträtt för mig. De gör den lite annorlunda, men slutresultatet blir nog ungefär det samma!

  2. Oh I have to send this to my family! I come from Danish stock, which may be food related?? To Swedish......

  3. Get Skinny, Thanks for reading. Might be food related. Send and let me know how it goes.

    //Emma @The Vegan Swedes

  4. My wife and I made these together a few weeks ago.Although we didn't use a very floury potato variety so they were a little to dense, we really liked them, especially reheated in a pan with a little oil so they got a little crispy. I'm sure not a traditional way, but really good.

  5. Ryan, that is great. Happy you both enjoyed them.

    Emma @ The Vegan Swedes