Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apple Cake With Crumb Topping

This cake is tasty and just great, there is not much more to say. Try it!

You Will Need:
100g  Dairy Free Margarine, Egg Replacer (equilliant to 4 eggs), 2dl (3/4cup) Sugar, 2tsp Vanilla Sugar, 2tsp Baking Powder, 3½dl (1½cups) Plain Flour. Filling: 4 Apples, 3tsp Cinnamon, 3tbs Sugar. Topping: 75g Dairy Free Margarine, 1dl (1/3cup) Plain Flour, 1dl (1/3cup) Sugar, 2dl (3/4cup) Oats, 2tsp Vanilla Sugar and 2tsp Cardamon.
  • Start by melting the 100g margarine for the batter, let it cool slightly.
  • Whisk your egg replacer, sugar and margarine until fluffy.
  • Add the dry ingredients.
  • Now evenly spread the batter in greased or lined square 20x20cm (7.9in) pan. 
  • Peel your apples and cut them into thin wedges, removing pips.
  • Mix the apples in a bowl with the cinnamon and sugar.
  • Evenly layer the top of your batter with the apples.

  • Melt your margarine and mix it with the rest of ingredients for the topping. (the margarine won't have to cool for this one, as there is no baking powder in the topping)
  • Now bake your cake in a 175C / 340F preheated oven for 35min.
  • Cut your cake in to squares.
  • The cake is best served warm with a cool vanilla cream or custard.

Brands I recommend in this blog are:
  • Ekströms, Kokbar Marsán. (Vanilla Sauce/Custard)

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