Sunday, February 13, 2011

Potato Salad With Vinaigrette

This dish is very light, yet so flavourful. Best made with fresh and small new potatoes. But if you're longing for spring, use whatever firm potatoes available and dream away to a nice spring day.

You will need:
8 small New Potatoes (or very small baby potatoes, or as a last choice "normal" firm potatoes cut into smaller chunks), 8-10 Radishes, 8 Cherry Tomatoes, 100g Baby Spinach and 2 small Red Onions. 
Vinaigrette: 20g Fresh Dill, 9tbs Olive Oil, 1tbs Apple Cider Vinegar, 6-8tbs Water, 1-2tsp Salt, 2-3tsp Pepper and 1tsp Sugar
  • With your new potatoes / small baby potatoes just gently scrub them to get rid of unwanted dirt. If using normal size potatoes, scrub them and then cut them into even chunks. (it is ALWAYS better to use the small potatoes. They don't need to be cut and won't soak up all the liquid of the vinaigrette)
  • Boil the potatoes in gently salted water until just soft. Leave them to cool.
  • Cut your red onions into thin sliced rings.
  • In a bowl mix your vinaigrette and add it to your red onions. By leaving the red onions in the vinaigrette for a few minutes before adding the rest of ingredients will help get a mellow taste of the red onion.
  • Cut the radishes into halves or quarters depending on their size.
  • Halve your cherry tomatoes.
  • Now add all but the potatoes into the onion and vinaigrette bowl. Mix!
  • Last but not least, add your cooled potatoes.
  • Your potato salad is now ready to get eaten.
  • Taste great with Schnitzels, Marinated Mushroom Hats or just on it's own as a light lunch or dinner.

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