Thursday, February 3, 2011

GCC Salad and Fried Potatoes

Whats a GCC Salad? It is a crunchy salad made from grated Granny Smith Apples, Cabbage and Carrot.

GCC Salad
You will need:
2 large Carrots, 1 Granny Smith Apple, 1/4 small Cabbage Head, Salt, Pepper and 1-2tsp Lemon Juice.
  • Grate the carrots, apple and piece of cabbage into a bowl.
  • Add a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Now its time for the lemon juice (this will keep the apple from going brown aswell as giving flavour)
  • Taste! Season more if needed.

Fried Potatoes
You will need:
8 Firm Potatoes, 1 Brown Onion, Salt, Pepper and BBQ / Grill Spice. (vegetable oil for frying)
  • Clean the potatoes thoroughly if you are leaving the skin on (recommended)
  • Dice them into medium sized cubes. Also chop the onion.
  • Leave in a bowl filled with cold water for 5-10min, to remove most of the starch, then drain and dry before frying in a non stick pan with vegetable oil.
  • When the potatoes goes into the greased pan, add all the spices, let them fry for a few minutes before adding the onion (if the onion is added to early it will be over done and very dark)
  • How long the potatoes take to cook will depend on size and variety. So flip and move them in the pan for an even colour, also to check if they are soft.
  • Enjoy!

In this blog picture the GCC Salad and Fried Potatoes are served with:

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